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"A Girl, a Voice, and a Cliff." By Chantelle Wells

Tuesday September 29, 2015 AM
So, there’s this voice. It tells you to forget everything you’re doing. Says the advertising career you’ve spent years working towards isn’t right. Start your life over. Become a writer. “You’re crazy,” you tell this intrepid voice. The voice that stalks you in the middle of the night, forcing you ... Read more...

“What Are You?” by Alisha Zafar

Monday August 10, 2015 PM
“What are you? Hispanic? Italian? Some kind of Middle Eastern? …or just a really tan white girl?” While I have always been amused by my natural ability to confuse others with my ethnicity, racial ambiguity has sparked many questions in my life. As a half-Irish, half-Pakistani first generation American I often ask myself the same ... Read more...

Draw the Box. Then Step Outside It. by Erika Lippoldt

Tuesday June 02, 2015 PM
The human brain is exceptionally adept at detecting patterns, and forming expectations based on those patterns. In fact, it’s one of the things that sets us apart from many lower life forms. It’s also largely the process through which we learn. As the saying goes: practice makes perfect. But an overreliance ... Read more...

"Embracing the Change." by Allyssa Lee

Wednesday April 08, 2015 PM
I've never been an early adopter. Despite making it a point to show up on time to appointments, my risk aversion tendencies made me late to everything else. I insisted people call me long after everyone had embraced texting. Caught up with The Good Wife in her third season. And ... Read more...

"Comfortable in My Own Clothes." by Tawana Briggs

Friday February 27, 2015 PM
“I don’t feel right ascribing to culturally normative ideals for my own gender, and once I was allowed to set fire to the rain that poured down on me, I was finally able to live as myself.” – Carmen via autostraddle.com As grey as identity is, society likes us to think that ... Read more...

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